Using Robosoft from Ground Zero

Robosoft is UNLIMITED POWER~!I’m about to launch a new site. It’s almost ready and I’m just basically waiting for some feedback from a few trusted friends that are knowledgeable in the field. (Heck, they’re flat out top guns.)

The site has zero traffic right now. None. Nadda. And as such, it has zero downloads and zero position in the search engines. Google is completely unaware of it. (URL coming soon once it’s launched and public.)

I’ve gone on for years about how absolutely wicked amazing and mind-blowing Robosoft it and how it can catapult you in the search engines. I’ve threatened to write a book on it as well, and while I managed to start it, I never finished. Well, this is where that all stops. I’m going to blog it out here and show just how Robosoft and PAD work.

I’m going to once and for all shut up the many nay-sayers that are constantly poo-pooing on PAD, Robosoft, and download sites.

The nay-sayers out there invariably rely on the same few comments:

  • Download sites don’t work
  • Download sites don’t help your SEO
  • PAD doesn’t work
  • PAD is all just spam
  • Robosoft doesn’t work
  • Submitting your software to the top 5 sites is all that matters
  • Automated submissions are futile
  • Submitting to more than 30 sites is useless and a waste of time

I’m not going to bother addressing any of those because they’re ridiculous. Typically someone uses the trial version of Robosoft to quickly whip off a few submissions to a few sites. When their 30 minutes of effort doesn’t rain down massive web traffic on them and turn them into an over-night trillionaire, they complain about how it doesn’t work and how useless everything is.

Guess what? Garbage in. Garbage out.

It’s like buying a copy of Adobe Photoshop then expecting it to do all your web design for you.

Guess what? You need to have a few skills to use Photoshop in order to get results.

Flat out – Robosoft is UNLIMITED POWER~!

Well, unlimited power without all the sithy dark side stuff. Y’know, eh?

Over the next few months I’m going to detail what I do and the results I’m getting. Everything will be out in the open. I’ve done it before, and I’m going to do it again.

I know services out there that do things very similar to what I’m going to show you, and they’re not cheap. They fire clients. They keep the ones they want. They have a waiting list. Because it WORKS!

I’m going to show you how to do it all for basically free. You will need to purchase a Robosoft license, which costs $99. I guarantee 110% that if you follow along with my articles here over the next few months, that will be the single best $99 you ever spend for marketing and promoting your software. $99 is nothing. The value you get from this will pay for that inside of a week, if it takes that long.

If you are ready to put in some effort, put aside some prejudice, and willing to try something new, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

The things I’m going to discuss over the next few months are going to look at a new software business in detail. From top to bottom, I’m going to write about everything. Not all of it will be purely about Robosoft, PAD and software marketing, but a lot or most of it will be.

I encourage you to check back often or “friend” me on Facebook (make sure to tell me who you are and that you are looking to find out more about Robosoft). I post my blog entries on Facebook, so that’s an easy way to find out. You can also follow “renegademinds” on Twitter. Though I don’t always tweet things, I’ll try to remember to tweet these upcoming posts.

Well, now it’s time to get to work on some of this stuff.




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6 thoughts on “Using Robosoft from Ground Zero

  1. Using Robosoft to blast download sites with an executable ebook that contains your links is an SEO method that works! It pushed one of my websites from non-existence to page 1 for 4-5 VERY competitive keywords. Panda has not penalized my website and I don’t expect it to. Those who say Robosoft doesn’t work either have a delayed gratification issue or maybe they are experienced marketers who don’t want the world to know. Great article!

    1. I know for a fact that there are some gurus out there that keep this a secret. The things that REALLY work, people tend to keep quiet about.

  2. With the new pad spec 4.0. It looks like pad files might be dead.

    The new asp pad 4.0 repository only has about 50 to 100 pad files in it.

    The asp pad 3.11 repository is dead.

    I think pad spec 4.0 is dead.

    Are the download sites still using pad spec 3.11?

    Are any using pad spec 4.0?

    The pad spec 4.0 site looks raw and not ready for bussiness.