Excercising Restraint to do that 20%

The 80/20 RuleA friend of mine, Nick Longo, has an 80/20 rule. Get 80% done and release, then get that 20% done later. It’s hard to follow.

It’s incredibly hard sometimes to exercise restraint in development. Yet again I have something I’d like to solve and I’ve thought of a wonderful way to solve the problem in a flexible, easy to manage, and such that I could solve other problems.

What I need is a well designed and slick looking FAQ. It’s basically all the same repetitive code with unique anchors and different text for the questions and answers. However, manually coding all of it is tedious.

A quick search revealed no results for any authoring tools to make an FAQ. I was a bit surprised. It’s a common task.

So I began designing in my head what an FAQ authoring tool should do. I had visions of options to have simple anchor-based FAQs, expanding/collapsing text FAQs, and animated light-boxes. Oh, it was going to be grand!

Then I thought to myself again… I just need to get this site done. Sexy is great, but I need to finish first. And the sexiness is part of the 20% that can come later.

That was hard. Very hard. I’m still tempted to come up with a super-slick and sexy FAQ, but alas… Things must get done and I can always add the sexiness later, or at least write the authoring tool to do it all for me later.

Now, to go to the FAQ and resist temptation!


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