REACTION: Memphis Has Fallen: Looting & Stealing Chaos

The once-great city of Memphis now seems to be a rotting corpse of looting and unfettered crime.

This is in part why you need to get a PAL/RPAL and have those resources ready:

Link here. Mirror here:

Check buddy out at 0:49. He’s got a rifle with him. For LOOTING!

It’s a bit clearer here:

This was a premeditated raid on SEVERAL stores. And some of the looters are seriously armed.

It’s only a matter of time before it hits residential areas.

If you need to defend yourself against violent thugs, the least amount of violence is best. But if it escalates, it’s better to be prepared than not.

And even if you’re not affected directly, being prepared yourself gives you the option to help those that aren’t prepared.

And… on the more cynical side, being prepared offers you the opportunity to profit by selling that preparedness to others.

LESSON LEARNED: Buy guns and ammo. Knives, swords, machetes, slingshots, and other melee or ranged weapons are also good options.

ALSO!!! FFS… ALWAYS try to deescalate the situation and try your hardest to avoid violence as violence is ALWAYS the worst option. Very often when de-escalation fails, merely the THREAT of violence can end a confrontation. The Cold War is a good example of deterrence theory in action.


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