Racism is THE #1 priority for RRRSPPs. As such, Ryan Rhino will solve the problem of racism and white supremacy once and for all. 

When you elect me, because you don’t want to die – see my Covid policies here and here, I will make it law that all white people must identify as BIPOC, just like Justine Trudeau. This will completely erase all white people from Canada, and we shall have racial peace

Further, in order to eradicate any semblance of racism, all Canadians will be required by law to ethnically identify as Klingons. Those that identify as Ferengi (dirty capitalists!) or Vulcan (because logic sucks and 2+2=5) will be exiled to Baffin Island. This will show solidarity with aliens and the universe at large. 

Also, as hair styles have differed across cultures, everyone must be bald. This will also show solidarity with cancer chemotherapy patients, Homer Simpson, and Elmer Fudd. 

Also, in order to further the cause of social justice, anti-racism, and equity, and because different cultures have worn different types of clothing, all clothing will be banned and everyone must be naked all the time. This will also show solidarity with naturalists. (Winter’s really going to suck.)

Further, as English has been associated with white supremacy, English and all other languages will be banned in Canada with the exception of Esperonto and Klingon (see above). Sign language must be in Esperanto/Klingon as well. As a consequence, all non-Esperanto/Klingon books, media, music, art, cars, houses, and everything must be burned. This will show solidarity with pyromaniacs. 

Remember, vote for me for racial justice or you’ll die. Or even worse, I’ll call you nasty names like “racist” or “white supremacist” or “poopy doo-doo head”! I’m cereal here.


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