Covid-19, vaccines, and vaccine passports are THE #1 RRRSP priority, and currently the sissy Liberals under Justine Castro are proposing mandatory vaccinations for people and vaccine passports in order to participate in society. 

This doesn’t go far enough. 

Firstly, it’s illegal because we currently have fundamental human rights enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms as well as various other Human Rights Acts in some provinces. All of these must be abolished. 

Human rights are just excuses for people to piss & moan & whine when the government knows what’s best for them to keep them safe. 

72 trillion people have died due to Covid-19 and it’s 24 variants. (There can only be a maximum of 24 variants because that’s all the letters in the Greek alphabet.) We can’t let even 1 more life be lost to Covid-19 no matter what the cost! 

None of your freedoms matter if you’re dead. Therefore, they must all be abolished. That way you’ll be safe and you’ll LIVE! You don’t want to die, do you? 

Further, in addition to LEGAL mandatory vaccines & vaccine passports without all that pesky human rights bullshit, the next RRRSPP will address Healthcare and how to fix it. Because without healthcare, you’ll die. 


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