Top 6 Tips for the Young Living USB Orb Diffuser

The Young Living USB Orb Diffuser for essential oils is a small, compact, ideal form factor for small or confined areas, such as your workstation or desk, bathroom, etc. It’s also dirt cheap. I stocked up on a few of them both for myself and a few for gifts. While I do have a few other diffusers, the USB Orb is perfect for my workshop desk.

If you’re lucky enough to have 1 or more of the Young Living USB Essential Oil Orb Diffuser, congrats! I don’t think that they’re available anymore, which sucks because they’re awesome!

However, they’re not perfect. Nothing is. Read on for some great tips on how to get the most out of it.

TIP #1: Don’t use too much essential oil

If you use too much essential oil, the diffuser’s wick will soak up a bit too much and simply stop diffusing. So, either add more water or decant half and add more water. Easy peasy.

TIP #2: Turn it upside down

Sometimes your diffuser will stall and stop diffusing whatever lovely essential oil you’ve got in it. What can help to get it jump started again is to:

  1. Unscrew the top and remove it
  2. Turn the top upside down
  3. Turn it on to constant diffusing (green light)

If it’s bone dry, that won’t work, so ensure that the wick is wet. But very often this will get it working again.

But not always… which leads us to…

TIP #3: Turn the wick around

Remove the wick then turn it the other way around, dip it in the water in the base, then turn the top upside down as in tip #2 above and start it on constant mode (green). This will sometimes save you a wick and get it running again. You may need to try squeezing the water and oil in the wick out first. Just give it a try. If this doesn’t work….

TIP #4: Change the wick

Very often the wick just gets clogged up (I suppose with too much oil or something – not sure why), and replacing it gets the unit working on making your desk (or wherever) lovely and fragrant again.

However, don’t throw that wick away. You may be able to dry it or clean it and use it again. I’ve got a couple used wicks laying around, but not tried this yet. I suspect it will work though. Which leads us to…

TIP #5: Young Living is NOT a reliable supplier

YL routinely runs out of numerous products for various reasons. Quite often it’s simply that they can’t produce enough to meet demand, while at other times they simply can’t source enough high-quality ingredients to do a production run.

Consequently, it’s a good idea to stock up on wicks (while you can) and save old ones in case they become no longer available. In Canada, a 3-pack of wicks is $0.25, so there’s no reason not to just go crazy there.

TIP #6: Don’t be afraid to mix essential oils

One of my workstations is in my workshop, which is a very nice, large car garage, and weather permitting, I leave the garage door open. Well… this is an open invitation for insects such as mosquitoes. Consequently, I use a mix of oils such as citronella, cedar wood, and lemongrass to repel them. Works like a charm.

Just do whatever works for you and enjoy!



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