DIY Weapons – Getting Explosives

So, you’ve made the incredibly stupid decision to live life on the edge as a (semi-)retarded criminal/terrorist, but you don’t have any explosives! What’s a shithead to do? Keep on reading for shit that you absolutely shouldn’t do… Really. Don’t do it. You could seriously injure or kill yourself. Just. Don’t.

We’re back again with another example of simple stuff that anyone can do with little to zero skills… and be very dangerous. Criminals will ALWAYS find ways to hurt people, and my aim here is to prove that to you with concrete illustrations/examples.

Explosives are highly regulated and very difficult to come by, unless you’re a decent human being and obey the myriad of (stupid) laws around them.

Now, you could just get really fucking drunk all the time and piss in bottles then boil that down, mix with nitric acid, wait for crystals to form, and then filter out those urea nitrate crystals. TADA! You’ve got an explosive!

Yes, I know… coffee, tea, and anything with caffeine are also diuretics, but c’mon… getting pissed while making bombs is sooo much more fun! Would you really want to be some effeminate pussy like this wuss?

However, if you want better quality, professional explosives, there’s another way that involves nothing more than a bit of effort and zero skills.

Search through firing ranges for dud ammo for gun powder.


You’ll primarily be looking for dud .22 ammo because .22 ammo is shit. People will be firing off at the range, get a jam, clear it, and either ignore the dud ammo or not find it. Just pick it up and put it in a plastic jar.

Now, that’s going to take some effort, but it can be done. There are a few things you’ll want to consider.

First, where are the closest shooting ranges to you? Grab the low-hanging fruit first.

Second, what’s the security at the range? Some are indoors, some are outdoors. Outdoors ones will be much easier. If there’s daytime security, you may need to go at night, but then you’ll likely need to work harder with a good flashlight, etc. If there’s no security, just check the range bookings and go when nobody is there. Also, consider that there may be video surveillance.

Third, you’ll need to safely “disassemble” anything you find. If you fuck this up, you could seriously injure or kill yourself.

Fourth, you’ll need to keep your harvested gun powder safe. Don’t use metal containers. Use paper or plastic with a desiccant to keep it dry.

NOTE: For #3 and #4, you should make sure that you’re properly grounded with something like a typical grounding bracelet used in electronics. A static discharge could ignite the gun powder and injure or kill you.

Fifth and lastly, build that explosive device then go do something stupid.

To be clear and to say it again, YOU SHOULD NOT DO ANY OF THAT!

The point here is to illustrate just how simple and easy it is for criminals to be criminals.

Nothing above is difficult. A child could do it.

Laws that prohibit any kind of tool that can be used for nefarious purposes are stupid. They don’t stop the baddies from being baddies.

Gun control means:

  • Using 2 hands
  • Tight groupings

Any other form of gun control is idiotic.

The same goes for knives, nunchaku, or whatever.

Disarming people only makes the innocent easier prey for criminals. Or governments.

The only reason a government disarms people is because they’re about to do something that a normal, decent human being would shoot them for it.


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