Don’t Pass Out on the Toilet in Cambridge

If you get drunk and pass out on the toilet in the city of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, you are breaking the law.

1. Definitions

(u) habitable room means any room in a dwelling unit used or intended to be used for living, sleeping, cooking or eating purposes;

(x) non-habitable room means any room in a dwelling or dwelling unit other than a habitable room and includes any bathroom, toilet room, laundry, pantry, lobby, communicating corridor, stairway, closet, unfinished basement, boiler room or other space for service and maintenance of the dwelling or for public use, or for access, or for vertical travel between storeys;

2.10 Occupancy Standards for Dwellings or Dwelling Units

1. No person shall use or permit the use of a non-habitable room in a dwelling for a habitable room purpose.

So there you have it. Sleeping on the shitter is against the law.

Do we really need laws like this? Can’t people just do whatever the heck they want in their own homes?


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