An Excellent DotNetNuke Tutorial

DotNetNukeI’m back in DotNetNuke mode and while doing some refresher reading and whatnot I came across this tutorial. It’s quite good. Much better written and presented than many tutorials I’ve seen on the topic.

During the setup portion of the tutorial, it says:

To make the designer work correctly with DotNetNuke controls we will have to help it find them. Select the Web tab to the left.

Check the radio button Use Local IIS Web server. Enter the URL to the folder where your module code is in your local DotNetNuke installation.

Make sure Override applicationroot URL checkbox is checked and enter the URL to your local DotNetNuke website under it.

(an illustration here)

You can now close the properties tab.

From the Edit menu, select Find and Replace > Replace in Files. Enter “YourCompany” in the Find what field, and “SipidCode” in Replace with. Expand Find options and make sure Look at these file types is set to “*.*”.

Click Replace All.

I sped through a bit quickly, and things broke (because I’m still in the process of setting up this machine for some kinds of development, but that’s another story).

Well, a quick look into it reveals that the order there is REALLY important.  If you replace before you setup the module inside of the web site as described, some DotNetNuke controls get replaced by some System.Web.UI.UserControls. i.e. Not good. You can simply go back and replace the problem areas with the proper controls, which is easy enough to get by starting a new DNN project in Visual Studio if you aren’t sure what they should be.

So, that’s easy enough to fix if you end up getting a bit eager and jumping ahead.




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