US Gov’t on Wikileaks: The Sky is Falling!

Free SpeechThe latest media frenzy is all about how Wikileaks is going to cause mass exterminations of human rights activists around the world, and how the dim light of freedom is being extinguished by Julian Assange. Oh bother!

The number of news articles on the topic in the last couple days is staggering. It’s like the media whores are lining up to suck American Gov’t cock like the obedient little bitches they are. The vast number of news articles on the topic can’t be a coincidence. That nobody thought of that before?

Wikileaks redacts portions of the cables for that exact purpose. They’ve been doing it for a while now.

The frenzied furor over the issue is nothing more than whipping up some quick bad publicity for Wikileaks by a corrupt government that is blatantly against free speech when they don’t like it.

The irony is sickening: A government trying to censor in the name of human rights.


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