Stupid Questions: Heathens, Atheists and Agnostics

Question markIs it possible to be a devout heathen or a devout atheist or a devout agnostic?


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3 thoughts on “Stupid Questions: Heathens, Atheists and Agnostics

  1. Yes definitely. Why wouldn’t this be possible? There are plenty of passionate atheists out there who believe it’s their duty to spread atheism. Doesn’t that count as “devout”?

    1. But where are all the “a-purple-hairy-spiders-on-the-moon”ers? Like, does anyone really believe that there are purple hairy spiders on the moon? And shouldn’t we make sure that nobody believes in them? I say raise taxes to support the anti-purple-hairy-spiders-on-the-moon movement! Down with the purple-hairy-spiders-on-the-moon believers! 🙂