Off to a Start

Well, downloads are picking up. I’ve just released Photo Resizer, and there isn’t much data. This shows the first week where I had a pre-release for a few people, and 1 day of release data.

I’ll post again in a month or so with a follow up.

But so far, it’s been a bloody Hell of a lot of work to get $0.53! Fortunately the future is looking like it’s picking up.


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2 thoughts on “Off to a Start

  1. Please forgive my ignorance, I have to confess I do not understand this chart — what is your business model and how is this income generated? I’m intrigued.

    Best of luck. I’ve added your blog to my RSS feed.

    1. Hello Nick,

      The model is for ads and installer revenue. The installer provider is OpenCandy. The chart there is form the OpenCandy control panel and shows installations of the software and revenue generated. It’s only from the first day after the release, so there’s not much there. Albeit, I’ve been somewhat disappointed with the low payout rates so far. I was expecting significantly higher than a nickel or so. We’ll see.

      There’s still a long way to go in promoting the software. The promotional model I’m using relies on having multiple titles available. I’ve mentioned that in another post. It will take some time to build that out though.

      Later on I plan to shift the revenue model, but not right now. This is just the first step.