Plastic Bag Ban Idiocy

Crown Poly bagsWell, looks like the environmental wackos in California are at it again, and this time trying to ban plastic bags. You can find the article on it here.

I won’t debate any of their idiocy, except for a simple analogy made by one of the council members that clearly demonstrates a complete lack of any capacity to think. From the article (and in the video at the link above), he says:

“So if we were here a hundred years ago,” city council member Paul Koretz is quoted as saying, “would we be saying, ‘We must not produce automobiles because buggies and buggy whips will–manufacturers won’t have jobs anymore?’ Of course we wouldn’t.”

His analogy is completely idiotic. They are talking about BANNING plastic and paper bags. They’re not talking about the introduction of something new. The correct analogy would have run something like this:

So if we were here a hundred years ago, would we be saying, ‘We must ban the production of the horse and buggy and buggy whips because we can now produce automobiles.’

That’s simply insane. Would you ban desktop or laptop computers because we now have tablet computers? Would you ban landline telephones because we now have mobile phones? Obviously not. But that’s the exact logic that Paul Koretz is proposing… errr… almost proposing. He’s not even capable of formulating that level of idiocy.

As for what to replace single-use bags with, well, obviously it must be reusable bags. In the analogy, the horse and buggy would be plastic bags, while automobiles would be reusable bags. (Let’s not touch the issue of which came first there, as that’s just futile.)

These bureaucrats are so stupid that I just cannot fathom how they managed to survive childhood without killing themselves.

This is simply more lunacy in the quest for the police state to control everything.




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