THE #1 priority RRRSPP is for SAFETY! There are too many naive people that want individual freedom and liberty to do things like go out in public, participate in society, and just generally do things that NORMAL people do. Well… the RRRSPP for that can be easily summarized…

You either lose your freedoms, or you DIE! 

This election, vote for the candidate that will:

  • Impose harsher lockdowns
  • Impose harsher mask mandates
  • Impose harsher social distancing
  • Impose harsher travel restrictions
  • Impose harsher gathering limits
  • Impose harsher vaccines
  • Impose harsher everythings!

Ryan Rhino promises:

  • LOCKDOWNS: All businesses will be permanently closed until there is zero Covid in the world!
  • MASK MANDATES: Masks permanently welded to your face (see previous RRRSPP)
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Minimum 1 km distancing (you can never be too careful) 
  • TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: Only between your bedroom and bathroom (we don’t want you shitting the bed like most politicians do). (NOTE: This has the added benefit of saving costs by not issuing vaccine passports because you can’t even leave your house. You should vote for me because I’m just so damn smart. There isn’t a single other politician that has proposed this much less even thought of it!)
  • GATHERING LIMITS: 1 only. Stay in your bedroom or we’ll all DIE! 
  • VACCINES: You’ll have to take a booster shot every day and twice on Sunday
  • EVERYTHING: Everything is restricted except for eating vitamins in your bedroom (as per a previous RRRSPP) and not shitting the bed (as above)

I don’t expect immediate support from the Liberals, CPC, NDP, or Greens, but I’m sure they’ll come around pretty quickly. They all seriously hate freedom and they truly, genuinely, from the bottoms of their hearts care for you and your safety! Just ask Catherine McKenna!

As for those People’s Party of Canada lolbertards, well, they’re hopeless. They don’t give a rat’s bum about your safety and that insufferable Maxime Bernier is constantly screeching about freedom and liberty and human rights and shit

That MAD MAX is going to get us all killed!

Maxime Bernier is just that kind of asshole that would do shit like quote that fucking jackass Benjamin Franklin.

Or that wanker John Diefenbaker.

Max just doesn’t shut up about it. Ever!

Covid the the ONLY thing that matters! Even 1 death by Covid is 1,000,000,000,000,000 too many!

Show me want to live and do THE SAFETY DANCE!

Because if you don’t vote for me, Covid will kill you to death and you will DIE!


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