Frackin’ Reserve! for Linux and Mac OS X

The first version of Frackin’ Reserve! was only for Windows, and the second version was a web version, but suffered from some typical web limitations. This version is cross platform for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It requires Mono, which is a free download that you can get here.

Frackin’ Reserve! is a fractional reserve banking and compound interest simulator to help explain the fraudulent nature of the monetary system. A 6-part series that explains the fraud can be found here.

As with the previous versions, you can download the complete source code here:

It’s not all perfectly clean as much of it is directly from the first Windows version where the programming style is more linear so that non-programmers can easily follow along and read the tutorial comments.

You can also download a stand-alone version here. Depending on your computer setup, you may need to open a terminal and run it with the following command:

mono FrackinReserve.exe

The program will then run natively. (GTK# does an excellent job with the native platform GUI look and feel.)

On Mac OS X, you can download and extract the program, then open a terminal and run it like this:

And it looks like this:

Similarly, on Linux (Ubuntu):

Which looks like:

I have no setup packages or installers for Linux or OS X yet, and don’t know when I’ll have time for them.




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