Writing PAD Content is Off-site SEO

PAD - Portable Application DescriptionIf you are writing in PADGen, you need to stop, unless you are an extremely talented writer, in which case you’d probably know better anyways. That goes for all the program descriptions, press release, and other “copy”. Things like download URLs are trivial, so just enter that into PADGen normally.

The most important fields when you write your PAD file are:

  • Keywords
  • Char_Desc_45
  • Char_Desc_80
  • Char_Desc_250
  • Char_Desc_450
  • Char_Desc_2000

Robosoft includes a section for press releases, and you should take advantage of this as well. Those fields are:

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Keywords
  • Press_Release
  • Press_Release_Plain

Depending on your writing ability, use either Microsoft Word or a text editor. Microsoft Word will spell check and grammar check your writing for you. If you’re confident enough, write in a text editor as it’s actually easier to work with, especially later on when you start to experiment with DynamicPAD and multiple sets of copy for each field.

My current project is called “Photo Resizer”. I’ve finished drafts for all of the above. I write them in the order above as I find it easier. Keywords forces you to think about the general topic. The 45 character description next forces you to condense everything into a very small space. From there you can work up and gradually add in more concepts.

Try to keep as close to the maximum number of characters. The more you write, the more opportunity you have to put in those keywords that are important for your SEO efforts.

Remember that your PAD content is all off-site SEO for you. When you don’t use it, you lose it.

Don’t worry about other download sites ranking higher than you. That will happen to start. But who cares? If you’ve pushed other competition out of the top results and people find a download site with your software, then you get the second click™, and that’s still good. Eventually you’ll get up in the results. That’s only a matter of time.

Here is my first draft for some PAD copy:

photo, resizer, picture, resize, jpeg, camera, digital camera

Resize photos and digital camera pictures.

Resize digital camera photos and pictures as JPEGs for Facebook, email, anywhere.

Super Simple Photo Resizer quickly resizes your digital camera photos and pictures. Designed for ease, Photo Resizer is intuitive for computer beginners and children, yet comfortable and fast for busy computer gurus. Easy presets and shortcuts.

Super Simple Photo Resizer quickly resizes digital camera photos and pictures to share through Facebook, Flickr, email or anywhere. Designed for ease, Photo Resizer is intuitive for computer beginners and children, yet comfortable and fast for busy computer gurus. Easy presets and shortcuts make resizing pictures blistering fast. Quick Save resized, edited photos to share with friends and family.

Super Simple Photo Resizer is meant for everyone from children and computer beginners to fast-working pros.

Specifically designed for resizing photos and pictures from your digital camera, all the complex logic is already taken care of for you. Where other apps present you with a million confusing options, Super Simple Photo Resizer delivers top quality photo resizing with record speed and ease.

You can open all the most popular photo and picture formats and save resized pictures as JPEGs to share with friends and family.

Most new digital cameras take pictures that are bigger than you can upload to Facebook, Flickr, or put in an email. Now with Photo Resizer you can make your digital camera pictures small enough to easily share.

Resizing is super-fast. You can preview resized photos and pictures in real time. Save with new file names, or Quick Save pictures with easy file names.

For children and new computer users, there is no fear of overwriting your original photos. Photo Resizer will not let you overwrite your originals, making it the safe choice in photo and picture resizing utilities.

Where did Photo Resizer come from? A real need!

The story from the author:

My wife came to me and asked me how to resize pictures from our Nikon D5000 digital camera. I’d shown her how to do it with other popular imaging software, but it was simply complicated and slow. She was busy and didn’t want to learn complicated things like what Hermite, Mitchell, Bell, and Lanczos resampling filters were, and who could blame her? With 30 different options, it’s too complicated. So, I wrote Photo Resizer for my wife. She loves it. She can now post photos to Facebook, even when our Internet connection is slow.

If you’d rather share your photos than spend time learning complicated software, Super Simple Photo Resizer is for you. If you know someone that hates complicated software, do them a favor: Tell them about Super Simple Photo Resizer.

You’ll notice that the 45, 80, 250 and 450 character fields are all very similar, or start similarly. That’s ok because sites only use some fields. As a rule of thumb, the 45 and 80 character fields are used for program listings, while the 250 and 450 are used in short listings sometimes, with the 450 and the 2000 being used for full descriptions.

Make sure to look at synonyms in there as well. It’s important that you use different words in your off-site SEO to target other ways that people will think about things. Some people think of “photos” while others think of “pictures” and others think of “images” and still others think of “graphics”. Do your keyword research to get some variation in there.

However, those are not the only lengths that you’ll need. There are a fair number of sites that take 1000, 1500, and 3000 character descriptions for the full description. If you can manage it, write for those lengths as well.

Again, use as much of the allowed capacity as you can. It’s all good for your off-site SEO efforts. Forget about being jealous because a site ranks higher for your software than you do because that will get sorted with time. Think of it as pushing out the competition. The second click belongs to you, and that’s good.

That’s enough for the moment though. Check back again as I’ll be writing about multiple sets of copy and DynamicPAD.


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