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One thought on “What Nobody Noticed About the Bundy Ranch Protests…

  1. For heavens sake, THANK YOU.

    No amount of autism will ever be effective without security, this is why drug kingpins use guns and street justice, this is why bitcoin works where liberty dollar failed, and not every service can be encrypted. Dale Brown of Detroit Threat Management said it as well, that without security, there can be no thriving economy. Trade only truly succeeds where property is respected and protected.

    Larsen Rose and Cantwell have been vilified for stating that freedom will never come without security. For simply stating the obvious, while no amount of civil disobedience works because ultimately we disobey until they make us obey.

    Bundy Ranch proved that true victory for freedom only comes when people are willing to protect each other and their family from violent predators.

    No amount of threats, drones, and thugs can stop the indomitable will of a people who are not willing to let more violence-prone dominant strangers to own their neighbors and family. It all becomes a paper tiger in the face of righteous self defense.