Silent Nod for Cheaper Prices in Games

So, I started a Travian game. Again. Hey, I found my wife on Travian! So it has a special place in my heart as far as games go.

But I like to play the paid version. So, I go to the payment page and figure I’ll fart around with the countries and currencies. Here’s one thing I found:

Travian India PaymentsThen I check on


Hehehe~! Down from $62.49 to $54.23 or so. Still, it’s about a 13% savings.

Now, if you incur a 5% hammer on your exchange, you’re still up 8% or so. Either way, this is a winning bet.

Not many merchants accept different currencies, but when they do, it’s a chance to save.

Also, if you can set your home country when you purchase to another one, check it out. You can often save quite a bit by changing your country. I’ve seen 50%+ savings for different countries.

Is it cheating? Who cares? If companies want to try and segment markets, why not just buy in a different market? It’s not cheating. It’s being smart. They’re playing games with you, so play games right back!

Cheers, and here’s to hoping you can save some on your next purchase!




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