Pakistanis Helping Racist Crap

Salman TaseerHow can I not hate so many of the people in Pakistan. How can anyone not revile in disgust at so many of the Pakistani people? If there is any force furthering racism against Pakistani people, it’s got to include a lot of Pakistanis.

The assassination of Salman Taseer is a travesty. He stood up for decency and right. He did not deserve to die.

Religious leaders refuse to give him a burial (Source):

The funeral for the governor of the Pakistan’s Punjab province went ahead despite some of the country’s leading Imams refusing to perform the prayers for him, and even warning others not to do so, on the ground that the slain leader was “blasphemous”.

How are we, the people in the rest of the world, supposed to take that?

His assassination remains as a Deadly warning to Pakistan liberals. What does that say about Pakistan? What does that say about the Pakistani people?

While I loathe racists and bigots like those at Storm Front, the people of Pakistan are fueling their hatred.

Still, heroes like Biawal Bhutto Zardari remain as bastions of virtue in the face of the pure evil so many people in Pakistan seem to endorse. He spoke out against the assassination. You can find more information here: My jihad versus your jihad.

In some ways his speech is a reclamation of Islam from those radical groups who he, and many other Pakistanis, view  as being extreme.

This is a shame for so many decent Pakistani people. How many decent Pakistanis will be grouped in with these freakishly evil things that delight in seeing someone die over what?

He went on to say in the article:

Salman Taseer’s assassination is fuelling a crisis of conscience. And with Bilawal’s speech I’m optimistic that more and more Pakistanis will call a killer a killer, and courageous man a courageous man

The people of Pakistan need to think about how they think and behave. The rest of us out here in the rest of the world are watching. They are only furthering racist crap.

I don’t hate the people of Pakistan, but to be certain, I have nothing but the darkest hatred and the loathing for some of their beliefs. I don’t think that I am alone.

People that try to help others do not deserve to die.


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