Huntercoin: Mithril Edition HOT TIPS!

CTRL + H: This toggle visibility of all the floating windows. Use it to quickly clear the map for a bigger view.

CTRL + F: What is your FPS? This is displayed in the upper-left corner.

Zoom in to save resources: It is likely that most players can ignore this tip, but for those on older hardware or with low end video hardware… The Huntercoin map is very large with 252,004 cells and tens of thousands of hunters and a lot of coins. Displaying that amount of data takes computer resources (CPU & RAM). If you are on an older machine you can conserve resource by limiting the amount of time you spend zoomed out. You can also monitor how much power is being used with CTRL + F.

Plot interceptions: Use the “Show Direction” button to show you enemy paths. Then plot your intercept path by paying close attention to the numbers on the path lines. This can give you laser precision when hunting. However, make sure to check back that they haven’t changed their path! Also, consider that moves can take 1 or 2 blocks to get into the blockchain, so take “pending” time into account as well.

Use many teams: If you only play 1 team, you’re going to cry from boredom. Use as many teams as you feel comfortable with. You only need to make more than 1 HUC per team to be guaranteed profitable. Good players that make several hundred HUC a day use many teams.

Use many color teams: Don’t limit yourself to 1 color. You will not do well. Use more than 1 color, and use them in tandem with each other.

Get enough HUC: When you buy a few HUC, get a bit extra. Very long moves can cost you 0.005 HUC. Buy that tiny bit extra and save yourself some time so that you can make those long moves and come back later to check on them. You can buy HUC at (Buy now while it’s cheap!)

LEAVE HUNTERCOIN RUNNING!: Unless you have a good reason to shut down Huntercoin, just leave it running. You will not need to wait for the blockchain to sync the next time you get back to playing then. If you do shut down Huntercoin, you will need to sync the blockchain again, and depending on how many blocks there are to sync, it could take a while. Huntercoin, like other crypto currencies, does not take up a lot of resources, and is better left running than shut down.

Your other option (and the best option) is to uncheck the “Restart Huntercoind process when game starts” and “Kill Huntercoind process at the end of the game” options in the settings. (Press the ESC key for the settings.) This will keep the daemon running and keep the blockchain sync’d for you. You can close Huntercoin: Mithril Edition, and then later restart it with the blockchain up to date.

Run a Virtual Machine (VM) and use multiple monitors: If you have multiple monitors, there’s no reason why you can’t run and watch both the MM client and the QT client at the same time. Get a VM running and run one of them in there.

Check the forum threads regularly: The Huntercoin: Mithril Edition is constantly undergoing changes with new features and improvements. (Some of the docs are bound to be wrong because of this.) Make sure to check the [ANN][HUC] Huntercoin – Mithril Edition Client forum thread in the Bitcoin Talk Forums whenever you have a question.

If you play Huntercoin in multiple locations with multiple computers: This has nothing to do with Huntercoin: Mithril Edition, but, it’s a solid tip… You can actually send your hunter teams between wallets! Use the “Config” in the QT client and enter an address from your other wallet into the “Transfer” text box. You must click “Go” for the transfer to take place, and you will also need to wait for the blockchain to pick up that command.

DEVELOPERS LOVE FEEDBACK!!!: Make sure to say “thank you” to Mithril Man at a minimum. Leave some constructive comments on what you like in his client, and leave some well thought out ideas for him as well if you have any. If you can spare a few HUC, make sure to tip him because nothing says “thank you” louder than a few coins! You can donate a few HUC to Mithril Man at this address: HMSCYGYJ5wo9FiniVU4pXWGUu8E8PSmoHE

For ADVANCED Players

Do NOT try any of these if you do not know what you are doing.

Set the datadir: For advanced users, you can set the folder that Huntercoin uses as the data directory. Normally the data directory is in %appdata%\huntercoin. The “-datadir=C:\Path\to\Huntercoin\data\folder” command can be set in the settings dialog, or can be set in the huntercoin.conf file as “datadir=C:\Path\to\Huntercoin\data\folder”. Use quotes for the full path if there are spaces.

Use a RAM disk: For advanced, advanced users, if you’re looking for further performance boosts, you can set the data directory to a RAM disk. However, ensure that your RAM disk is properly flushing memory to disk or you may lose data. DO NOT USE THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Set the data directory to an SSD: If you have an SSD, use it for the data directory. You will get a performance boost.

For ALL Players


You can get more information about Huntercoin at the official Huntercoin web site or in the official Huntercoin Bitcointalk Forum thread.


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