How You Are Being Indoctrinated for NFC

Every time you turn on the TV, read a newspaper, listen to the radio, or watch a movie, you are being psychologically conditioned to accept planned changes for society.

This is effectively stealing your free will.

It’s called “predictive programming” and is an extremely widely used technique is virtually all mainstream media.

In the following video I show you how you are being conditioned to accept Near Field Communications, or NFC. Below that I explain exactly what NFC is, and the implications behind it.

NFC is a data transmission standard to allow you to use your mobile device, e.g. your mobile phone, to pay for things virtually anywhere. You can think of it as an electronic credit card.

It works by swiping your phone in close proximity to a sensor. For example, you could simply get on a bus with your phone in your pocket, and sensors in the doors could automatically deduct the money from your account. Or you could simply be tagged and tracked when you go to a football game, the movies, or virtually anywhere.

Companies and governments could use all that data about what you buy and where you go to track and profile you.

Are you scared yet? You should be. This is the precursor to chipping you. And you will see this inside of the next few years as the mobile phone manufacturers already have these devices on the market. Your current mobile phone could already have NFC in it.

But the video only shows how you are being indoctrinated to accept NFC. As the one woman says:

This is just how people pay for things now.

It’s already been deployed in testing areas. In fact, it has over 200 trials in 54 countries.

In fact, testing for NFC goes back to 2006.

This has been a while in coming, and it’s just 1 step in getting you to accept having a chip implanted in you to get rid of physical currency entirely.

When your entire life and ability to engage in commerce, e.g. buying milk at the store, is controlled by someone other than yourself, you run the risk of some psychotic, control freak bureaucrat turning off your ability to interact in society.

This is not good.

The potential for abuse is simply too great. This is effectively a nuclear weapon aimed at your life.

Shopping. Voting. Driving. Taking a bus. Going to school. All these things can be taken away from you.

Remember, NFC is simply an external chip while they continue to develop chips that can be implanted in you, your spouse, your children.

Who are they? Big question. Here’s a part of who “they” are:

All the information is out there. This is far from fantasy land. This nightmare could be your future reality.

You can help preserve freedom by rejecting NFC and telling other people.

Search the Internet for more information.

Tell your friends and family.

Pass this blog post and video along to people through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Do whatever you can to help people wake up to what is happening right under our noses.




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