Getting Back into Canada without Covid Bullshit

I really don’t know for sure if this would work, but… let me throw this out there.

Instead of flying back into Canada, do what the illegal immigrants do: cross at Roxham Road.

Roxham Road crossing for illegal immigrants, so why not legal Canadians?

They let illegal immigrants through there all the time. Why not Canadians?

After all, now it’s just an “irregular port of entry” at this point.

Article 6 (Mobility Rights) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms GUARANTEES Canadians the right to leave and enter Canada WITH NO RESTRICTIONS FOR HEALTH!

There is no caveat to Article 6 Mobility Rights for health.

I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty damn sure that the criminals in charge in Ottawa and their lackey goon judges wouldn’t like that. Their primary purpose in life seems to be to strip Canadians of as many fundamental God-given rights as possible.

However, crossing at Roxham Road may be a possible solution for Canadians that just want to go home and not deal with severely mentally retarded politicians & bureaucrats and their proxy stooges in airports and regular border crossings.


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