Fundamentally Flawed GOP Ideologies

I commit thought crimesThe fundamental, basic attitudes in the current GOP candidates are flawed right from the start. They see the people as slaves to do their bidding, rather than government as the servant of the people. Rick Santorum illustrates this ideology:

We need someone who will… motivate the American public to do its duty. (Source)

So, the people need to do their duty? What about the government? This is a fundamentally flawed outlook that I don’t think anyone can really support, except for those that want to be slaves.

“Motivate”? I wonder if he meant “force”. “To do its duty”? I wonder if he meant “into slavery”.

The only legitimate state is the state that serves its people. Whenever those roles are reversed, it is the DUTY of the people to revolt and overthrow the state.

This is the purpose of the 2nd amendment. It is to keep a degree of power, in the form of potential violence, in the hands of the people so that they have the ability to overthrow an oppressive state, a state that demands that the people serve the state.




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