Frackin’ Reserve – Summary & Additional Resources (6/6)

This series of articles on fractional reserve banking started with an introduction to the mechanics of fractional reserve banking. The important points were:

  • The simple nature of the mathematics and the factors involved
  • The iterative nature of the process as a continuing cycle
  • The process has mathematical limits, except in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden
  • The limits are drastically affected by the reserve requirement

We then looked at one perspective on the difference between money and wealth, and defined money as an instrument to facilitate trade and commerce.

Part 3 accelerated by explaining the exact mechanism by which fractional reserve banking works, and exposed it for the fraud that it is. It illustrated that by taking advantage of float time, in the same way as check kiting, fractional reserve banking is a temporal pyramid scheme.

Part 4 examined ways in which the pyramidal structure of fractional reserve banking collapses. It explained how a "run on the banks" collapses the temporal pyramid, and how the banks can use a two-pronged attack to cause depressions, unemployment, chaos, pandemonium, bedlam, dogs sleeping with cats, and ultimately use that to steal real wealth from people, e.g. home foreclosures.

Up until Part 5, interest was never addressed. After a brief introduction to the exponential nature of compounded interest, we looked at the effects of compounded interest, and illustrated that the nature of its exponential growth necessarily dictates that it must eventually overcome all other considerations in the marketplace, and deliver all wealth in the world to its controllers.

My Contribution to the Topic

Over the course of these articles, much of what I have explained has been said before, and much of it in the same way. For that I can take no credit.

However, I have tried to explain things from a different perspective as much as possible, and in a different way in the hopes that it might help clarify what people may not have fully understood from other explanations. (We all understand things from our own perspective, and many of us learn easier with different teaching techniques.) I have provided a few very simple software tools, some metaphor, and some basic diagrams to help people visualize what happens inside of the fractional reserve banking cycle.

However, I have introduced a couple new concepts for understanding fractional reserve banking, as far as I am aware (I have not heard them anywhere else, and I have done extensive research on the topic).

  1. That fractional reserve banking abuses float time
  2. That fractional reserve banking is a temporal pyramid scheme similar to a Ponzi scheme

I used these to explain how a run on the bank works, and how banksters use the temporal nature of their pyramid scheme to rape the economy and steal wealth from people.

It is my sincere hope that I have contributed back to humanity and the resistance against the tyranny of the banksters, and helped build some greater awareness and understanding of the fundamental issues involved with fractional reserve banking.

I have countless sources to thank for helping to educate me on what is going on. As such, I can only mention a few here. I won’t say that I agree with everything in every source, but that’s OK because we can’t always agree on everything. Without further adieu, may I humbly recommend some further resources for your further investigation, eduation, and growth.

Additional Resources for Fractional Reserve Information

The following are all fantastic resources for further education on the topic, with most exploring the bigger picture behind fractional reserve banking.

The Money Masters


Rating: 5/5— Must watch

Video: or

Description: Filmed in 1996, this is still a brilliant explanation that is well worth watching. It follows a great deal of history and through that explains the roots of fractional reserve banking as well as many other related issues. Not only does this film put fractional reserve banking in perspective, it also shows how much of history has been defined by it. After watching this documentary, you will hate your high school history teachers for their negligence in not telling you about this part of history.

The Secret of Oz


Rating: 5/5 — Must watch

Video: or

Description: This film can in many ways be viewed as an update to The Money Masters, and while offering much of the same history and exegesis, it adds in an updated perspective and metaphors from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". I would recommend watching The Money Masters first, though it really doesn’t make much of a difference. But for heaven’s sake, watch it!

Money as Debt


Rating: 5/5 — Must watch

Video: of (part 1)

Description: A fantastic animated documentary that is well worth watching. In particular, watch for "The Goldsmiths’ Tale". There are 2 sequels to this documentary.

The American Dream


Rating: 5/5 — Must watch

Video: or

Description: A very entertaining and educational animated film by The Provocateur Network.



Rating: 5/5 — Must watch

Video: or

Description: A brilliantly done documentary that has every single fact backed up with references available at its web site. I would recommend watching this while simultaneously checking the facts at the web site if you are somewhat skeptical. Everything is meticulously referenced. If you were a skeptic before watching this documentary, you won’t be after.

Lecture by G. Edward Griffin


Rating: 5/5


Description: This is an excellent lecture that I highly recommend. While it was filmed in 1994, none of the basic facts have changed. G. Edward Griffin argues in this video that the US Federal Reserve should be abolished for 7 reasons:

  1. It is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives.
  2. It is a Cartel operating against the public interest.
  3. It is the supreme intrument of usury.
  4. It generates our most unfair tax.
  5. It encourages war.
  6. It destabilized the economy.
  7. It is an instrument of totalitarianism.

I would further recommend searching for more videos with G. Edward Griffin in them, or simply keeping your eye out for him in other videos. He’s one of the smartest people around on the topic.

Money – A Brief History of the American Dollar


Rating: 5/5


Description: While not strictly about fractional reserve, it is still worth watching for a quick history lesson. This video advocates gold & silver as money.

Web of Debt Lecture


Rating: 5/5

Video: (part 1 of 5)

Description: While this isn’t a video version of the book ("Web of Debt"), the author, Ellen Brown, lectures on the topic with graphs and charts. This is an excellent presentation, and highly recommended.

Zeitgeist Addendum


Rating: 5/5

Video: (segment)

Description: This documentary goes into many other areas, but includes a section on fractional reserve banking. Much of "Zeitgeist" advocates a resource based economy, and sounds rather socialist in nature. Judge for yourself. The treatment on fractional reserve banking is very good.

Your Choice Here!

URL: Go search!

Rating: Unknown

Video: This you need to find!

Description: I encourage you to find more on the topic. There are many excellent documentaries, web sites, articles, and tutorials on fractional reserve banking. The ones above are simply a few that I felt were worth sharing. There are many more that I could list, but at some point I need to stop.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read through this rather long series of articles on fractional reserve banking. Please pass this on, and let others know about how the money in their wallets and purses is being used to enslave them.

The "Frackin’ Reserve" articles are free to share and distribute. They are licensed for freedom under the GNU Free Documentation License or the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The aim is to give you maximum freedom to help spread the word of freedom.

Cheers, and be free,



Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws. — Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Part 1 – The Mechanics of Fractional Reserve Banking
Part 2 – What is Money?
Part 3 – “How” Fractional Reserve Banking Creates Money and “Why” it is Fraudulent
Part 4 – Run on the Banks? Or Run on the People?
Part 5 – Compound Interest as Invisible Slavery
Part 6 – Summary & Additional Resources


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11 thoughts on “Frackin’ Reserve – Summary & Additional Resources (6/6)

  1. Thanks for your extremely important posts on this little matter of err… fraud.
    I still have the past twenty or so bleats from au.bankers re ‘increased funding costs’ ringing in my ears. This, of course, to keep massive margins between savings and interest rates up and running. What a Joke.
    And they’re Never Called on it. FFS, our own Treasurer won’t mention the Fraud as he squeaks out a protest about interest rate trickery.
    Where’s the REAL Commonwealth Bank (Ref Ellen Brown on Global when we need it?
    Well gone. Well gone.

    1. Hello John,

      I did some reading and found out that the Commonwealth Bank was sold off to private interests, and the RBA is under their control. So much for sovereignty… 🙁 It’s sad to see such a tragedy here in Australia, but Australia is hardly alone, which is only sadder.

      If we can raise more awareness of the way people are being swindled, we’ll reach that critical mass where the governments simply cannot ignore us, and will be forced to stop the fraud.



      BTW – I love Global Research! They have great materials there! 🙂 That’s for anyone that is interested!

  2. Great write up. I started with the documentaries you linked to a few months ago and eventually came to the same conclusions you organized so well here.

    Curious, what are your thoughts about Bitcoin? I feel it could be part of the solution to this ever-increasing mess.

    1. Hi Luke!

      Thanks! I really hope that I’ve helped inform a few people, and perhaps wake a few people up. It sounds like a boring topic, but man… it is anything but boring. Mystery, intrigue, murder, war, deception, fraud… FRB has it all.

      For bitcoin. I’m in. Heavily.

      I’m in 2 ways though:

      1) Philosophically
      2) Financially

      There are just so many things to love about bitcoin.

      There are a lot of people that are dispassionate about bitcoin – I’m not one of them. I started a bit of a shitstorm here:

      (I’m RenegadeMind there.)

      There are so many advantages in bitcoin, and starving the banksters and the police state are a couple of fantastic ways for bitcoin to show just how beautiful it it.

      My only wish/regret is that I’d have listened to myself, gotten off my butt, and got into it much sooner. But, this is still the beginning, and it has much farther to go. People that love liberty, freedom, and sound money should be all over bitcoin like a dog on a steak.