Bernankoin – The Coin to Save Our Economy – QUANTITATIVE EASING

bernankoinSuch goes the announcement of a new crypto currency on the Bitcoin Talk forums:

Surely the Bernankoin will supplant Bitcoin as the dominant crypto currency in the world. After all, it is based on the solid fundamentals of the Federal Reserve Bank and the wise policies of Ben Bernanke.

Which makes Bernankoins very different from other crypto currencies.

For example, instead of “mining” coins, you “print” coins.

1 Bernankoin is a BEK, while the smallest (instead of a satoshi) is called a “keynes” (8 decimal places).

Also, as the printing difficulty factor goes up, more coins are mined due to Quantitative Easing. This innovative reward system for printers eliminates many of the concerns that plague other coins, such as instamining and pre-mining.

Another upshot of the system is that it is much kinder to late-comers. Everyone can print BEK.

Bernankoin first mining

If you love children, want to stop the terrorists, eliminate unemployment, create jobs, save the environment, and salvage the economy, you’d better get to starting to print Bernankoins. You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists!

Finally, a crypto currency that can truly save the economy! 😀

If you can read a bit of code, the brilliance behind this coin is readily apparent. Here are a few jewels in the Bernankoin crown:

And some commits where you don’t need to look at any code. Graphic changes in this commit:

Americans speak American (red is deleted, and green is added):

And, the Bernankoin genesis block dedication:

Epic stuff.


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