1 Reason to Hate the Web

Maybe 10 reasons would sound sexier, but I’ve just got 1 today.

Stupidly high memory usage.

That’s it. Just that. Here’s an example:


1 reason why the web sucks

All the highest memory consuming programs, are web pages… Opera has 60 tabs, but the other Chrome instances are single pages, as is the 1 tab in Firefox. Skype has a truckload of LONG conversations open (with 6 months of conversations opened in some), and 13 windows of it! And that takes less than 1 web page…

712,240 KB for 1 web page? Who thought that was a good idea?

As for any other reasons to hate the web, are any others needed?

The web is quick and easy. It’s the sloppy way to do things. Browsers are poor platforms to get things done. They simply don’t compare with applications that get things done in a “let’s not hog all the resources on the computer” way.

It’s not just the fault of the browsers though. Web developers suffer from some combination of 1 or more of these problems:

  • Being completely and totally mentally retarded
  • Being subservient to a project manager that is completely and totally mentally retarded
  • Being subservient to a project manager that is subservient to budgetary requirements that are completely and totally mentally retarded

Take your pick.

The problems manifest themselves in the most insane ways. For example, if you have gobs of memory available, but a simple news article web page won’t scroll down without a second long lag per mouse-wheel click, would you think that there’s a problem there? Perhaps it’s the 738 trillion ads, scripts, and Flash animations on the page?

The web could be so much better. Ditching JavaScript for a decent OO language would be a good start. The procedural nature of JavaScript makes it incredibly difficult to handle in complex systems because the JavaScript needs to be injected at the correct point in the document, and that isn’t necessarily at the same point where the script is going to run. But I digress.

Memory hogging web pages from Hell. I hate them. They suck. Badly. These are not the droids you are looking for…





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