US Marshal Shuts Down for Security Theatre


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So Deputy United States Marshal Criminal Investigator Maxime Vales (or one of his criminal cohorts) violated the TERM & CONDITIONS for the use of this site to view this (now password protected) page:

He then contacted my Canadian hosting provider about it and had them take my site down today. (I’ve since gotten it back up, obviously!)

The post is about an Ars Technica article that falsely claims that this article (.onion link requires TOR) contains death threats against Katherine Bolan Forrest, who is the judge in the “Silk Road” case against Ross Ulbricht. There is no death threat in there. It’s not nice, but it isn’t a death threat either. Ars Technica lied.

For the sake of ease, completeness, and transparency (something that is completely foreign to government), I posted the entire unredacted, uncensored article (it’s not hard to find – more info below). This seems to have pissed off the US Marshals who sent this to my hosting provider:

Please be advised that the personal security of a United States Marshals Service protected person has been threatened by way of dox. United States District Court Judge Katherine Bolan Forrest’s restricted personal identifiable information, in violation of the Court Security Act of 2007 has been made public on the below listed website that is connected to GoDaddy as the sponsoring registrar. I am requesting that this restricted personal information be immediately removed from the website in order to ensure that no further threats to the security of Judge Forrest are carried out. I am also requesting that a representative from the legal department contact me as soon as possible regarding this sensitive matter.

This is nothing more than security theatre and scare-mongering. If anyone were to do anything to that judge, it would already have happened.

The original dox (.onion link requires TOR) link from the wiki site now returns a 404, but the dox archive (.onion link requires TOR) is still up, and the dox can be found here (.onion link requires TOR).

None of these things are difficult to find. Whether or not I publish the information is completely irrelevant to the security of the judge. Like, FFS… Justin Bieber has dox published (.onion link requires TOR), and he’s still alive!!! There are probably a lot more crazies out there that want him dead.


I have made it explicitly clear that nobody in any government position is welcome at That includes US marshals.

Unless Maxime Vales is psychic, I really have no clue how he could possibly abide by the T&C and know what was on that page, or any page at for that matter.


There is no law against publishing publicly available information, which the information at the links above is.

This does nothing to protect the judge at all as I’ve outline above just how simple it is to find the information. A blog dedicated to technology, voluntaryism, and personal points of interest that has near zero readership except for a few popular posts isn’t going to make the smallest impact at all.

This is merely overreach and an attempt to scare me and others from publishing information that the US police state finds inconvenient.

If this can happen to me, it can happen to you. Whether or not you agree with anything I say isn’t particularly relevant. The point to free speech is to tolerate dissenting opinions.


Maxime Vales is really a bit of a douche. Instead of contacting me and asking nicely, he went nuclear to have my site taken down.

But I most certainly would have taken it down had he just asked. Albeit, I would have to charge him a reasonable service fee. I think 144,341 bitcoins plus an additional 29,659 bitcoins as an “administrative fee” would be reasonable. (Ross certainly wouldn’t need to worry about paying for his defense anymore.)


Well, I certainly don’t want armed thugs harassing me for publishing publicly available information, so I’ve password protected the page for the moment. I’m a bit worried that the 8 character, lower case password might be easy to guess. Nah. I’m not worried. I’m sure it’s just fine.

If anyone has any good information, my ears are open.


Now, I know that some people will say that it’s douchey to post dox information. Perhaps it is. But it’s more important to be open, transparent, and complete.

The point of my blog post was to point out blatant lies in the presstitute corporate-whore dinosaur lamestream media. They regular twist facts and often blatantly lie. This was one of those cases.

The issue was about a darkweb wiki post. I posted the entire article along with a link to it. Everything could be verified by checking my own post, and by checking the original.

You see, some of us out here actually believe in free speech (even speech that some people don’t like) and honesty, which we don’t get from the lamestream media.

I’m not interested in shining a flashlight on lies if I can shine a spotlight.





Pre-Launch for Super Simple


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Super Simple - Photo ResizerI’m inviting a few people to a pre-launch viewing of Super Simple and Photo Resizer. Everything is working and ready to go. Of course I will be updating things as normal, and there are a few things that I still want to change or tweak. But overall, it’s looking good.

I suppose that there are 2 unique things about the site that set it apart from others:

  • Simplicity – It is focused on simplicity and not on massive functionality.
  • Transparency – I will be posting in-depth about the site here at

So far I’ve posted a small amount about the site and software here, but not much and not in much detail. From here on in I’ll be more explicit with details about programming, marketing and philosophy.

Some things I’ll be addressing in future posts are:

  • OpenCandy and privacy issues
  • Graphics, design, and purchasing artwork
  • Revenue models and specifically ad supported software
  • Licensing components
  • Software protection
  • Automatic software updates
  • Robosoft and PAD
  • Off-site SEO

And of course other things as well. Don’t expect all of that inside of the next day or so. It will take me a while to work through those. Some topics are highly technical and will take time to get through.

In any event, I hope that Super Simple is useful, and that Photo Resizer fills that niche need to just get the job done fast for people.



Opening Up Software Business for Complete Transparency


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Question markTransparency is usually a good thing. At the moment I’m debating opening up a new site that I’m working on with complete transparency. Transparency as in site statistics, revenue, business strategies, and even the underlying motivations and philosophy behind the software, site, and monetization.

The site isn’t quite ready, and the software isn’t quite ready, but it’s all just about done. The only things left are monetization and a tiny bit of polish.

The first software title I’ll release will be my new Photo Resizer. I’ve been using it, and it really is just super simple. It’s nice to use. No mess and no fuss. I think it will do well.

Anyways… the internal debate is still going on. We’ll see.