Frackin’ Reserve! for Linux and Mac OS X


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The first version of Frackin’ Reserve! was only for Windows, and the second version was a web version, but suffered from some typical web limitations. This version is cross platform for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It requires Mono, which is a free download that you can get here.

Frackin’ Reserve! is a fractional reserve banking and compound interest simulator to help explain the fraudulent nature of the monetary system. A 6-part series that explains the fraud can be found here.

As with the previous versions, you can download the complete source code here:

It’s not all perfectly clean as much of it is directly from the first Windows version where the programming style is more linear so that non-programmers can easily follow along and read the tutorial comments.

You can also download a stand-alone version here. Depending on your computer setup, you may need to open a terminal and run it with the following command:

mono FrackinReserve.exe

The program will then run natively. (GTK# does an excellent job with the native platform GUI look and feel.)

On Mac OS X, you can download and extract the program, then open a terminal and run it like this:

And it looks like this:

Similarly, on Linux (Ubuntu):

Which looks like:

I have no setup packages or installers for Linux or OS X yet, and don’t know when I’ll have time for them.



Code Completion Quirk with Stetic and GTK# in MonoDevelop


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I just noticed in MonoDevelop an odd quirk with code completion and Stetic. If you add a widget then go and try to refer to it in code, it doesn’t show up in code completion until you build the project. So, simply add the widget, build the project, then go into the code and you’ll have code completion for the new widget available.

Bizarre, but whatever. It’s just one of those little quirks that you need to get used to.




Spanning Columns in a GTK# Table


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Coming from working on WinForms, GTK# is a very, very different paradigm for layout. I struggled to figure out just how to span columns in a table as searching for information didn’t really work out very well.

Instead of setting properties on the table, you set the properties on the widget as it inherits a “Table Child Layout”. The ***Attach properties are where you can then force a widget to span several columns.

GTK Attach Column Spanning

There I set the “RightAttach” on a label to 2 so that it would span 2 columns.

The language used in GTK is radically different from that used in Windows Forms, so it takes some getting used to.