An Initial Look at OpenCandy Revenue

I keep getting people asking me about what the revenue for Super Simple through OpenCandy is. Well, here’s the information to date!

I can only report on the results that I’ve seen, so here are some initial results for the first 10 days of the release of Photo Resizer at Super Simple (the marked dates include days prior to the release):

Installations by country:

OpenCandy - installations by country

Revenue by country:

OpenCandy - revenue by country

Accepted offers by country:

OpenCandy - offer installs by country

So, this table puts that all in perspective:

Country Install Count Accepted Offer Count Revenue Rev/Install Rev/Offer
Australia 12 4 $0.55 $0.0458 $0.1375
Austria $0.10
Canada 7 $0.10 $0.0143
Germany 7 3 $0.20 $0.0286 $0.0667
Greece 2 $0.10 $0.0500
India 47 13 $0.04 $0.0009 $0.0031
Indonesia 17 4
Japan $0.10
Korea, Republic of 33 9 $0.05 $0.0015 $0.0056
Malaysia 8 5
Other 73 24 $0.22 $0.0030 $0.0092
South Africa 2
Taiwan, Province of China 20 5
United Kingdom 10 $0.56 $0.0560
United States 28 6 $3.19 $0.1139 $0.5317
Totals 262 77 $5.21 $0.0199 $0.0677

So US installs are about $0.50 each, which isn’t too bad. However, the offer acceptance rate is only 6 in 28, or 21%, but it is still the most valuable market by far, accounting for 61% of revenue.

That’s a very small set though, and the product hasn’t even been public for 2 weeks. I have a lot more work to do on the site and getting it known out there. Like I’ve said in previous posts, this is ground zero. It will take time to build the reputation of the site with more software titles and with more people knowing about it. That will accelerate over time, but the initial period has very little momentum. Momentum takes time to build.

Anyways, that is a little bit of information.




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2 thoughts on “An Initial Look at OpenCandy Revenue

  1. Hi Ryan — any follow up on this?

    Do you know what kind of monthly minimum OpenCandy requires? I remember talking to them at SIC in 2009 or 2010 and back then it was pretty high.

    1. I don’t think they have any monthly minimum. I think they’re large enough now that they can absorb the costs from having some smaller authors with fewer downloads.

      But no follow-up yet. Been busy with other things the last few months. And just dying to get home after almost 2 months away… 🙁

      I’ll try to get back on top of this as soon as I can though.

      The fellow who takes care of compliance at OpenCandy is Andrew — very good guy. I’ll drop you an email with his address. You can hear him (and me) at — a short lived podcast I did with him.