IP Porn – Hot Tech-On-Tech Action!


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The world of hot tech-on-tech pron is never ending. Our next bout of hot & saucy action comes (cums?) from Microsoft spewing on the backs of Google after fucking with Motorola…


The patent in question defines a method for a mobile device to obtain a map from one database, call up resource information such as the location of a hotel from a second database, and overlay the two sets of data.

So, let’s see… They want to join data from one query in another query from another database? That’s some pretty kinky shit! Wow. Like totally innovative and non-obvious… let’s pull out from one and stick it in another…

Maybe not as sexy as the Apple v. Samsung pronfest, but still pretty fucked up.




Infinite Disappointment in Bill Gates


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Bio-warfare I used to think that Bill Gates was a philanthropist and humanitarian. He’s anything but that. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation just bought 500,000 shares in Monsanto.

Here’s a mainstream media link:


And something probably a bit more reliable and honest:


Monsanto is an utterly evil corporation that creates bio-weapons, patents them, then passes them off as food. Their bio-weapons are toxic to animals, toxic to humans, and toxic to the environment. Do a few searches to find out just how evil they are.

I will be working to extricate myself from the Microsoft world as soon as possible and in every way that I possibly can.



Skype Crashes, But No Way Microsoft is Responsible


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There’s no way Microsoft managed to screw up Skype in 2 weeks. They’re just not that fast!

But man… Check out the MS hatred on Twitter… Jeez… I’ve got one thing to say about it:

Hating Microsoft was cool 10 years ago, but now it’s just tired, old, out of date, and lame.

I can’t stand listening to people dredge up crap from the last millennium. Like jeez… Could you be a bit more petty, please? Because I need more of it in my life.

Here is some of the MS hatred on Twitter:

Skype Twitter Microsoft

Now, not all of those are off the wall anti-MS, and some are even reasonable, but man… The whole “MS is evil” is really old now. The entire bashing MS thing is just tired and lame.

There’s just no way that MS could possibly screw up that badly on an 8.5 billion dollar deal. You don’t fire people over that. You shoot them. And their families. And pets. And friends. And some random strangers just for good measure.

I am curious as to why the outage occurred. It was a major pain in the ass to be sure.