Crypto Wallet Backup Console Version with ZIP and Password Protection


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Crypto Wallet BackupI’ve added in a couple new features. Instead of the backup simply being a folder with all the files, it’s now a ZIP file. Also, there’s an option to password protect the ZIP file.


To use it, simply download it, unzip it into the same folder as the GUI version of Crypto Wallet Backup.

The console application takes 2 arguments (parameters) in order:

  1. Backup file list (“backup-file-list.txt” by default)
  2. Password

Those are optional. If you don’t supply any arguments, then the program simply creates the backup as a ZIP file.

If you do use the arguments, you must supply a backup file list file even if you want to only use the password. However, you can supply a non-existent file (garbage input) like “asdf” and the program will use the default listed above (backup-file-list.txt).

The second argument is a password. You can’t use quotes in it because command line arguments use quote for delimiting arguments. Also, if you use spaces, you must quote the entire password. For example, if your password is:

this is my password

Then your command line should look like this:

CryptoWalletBackupConsole.exe asdf “this is my password”

You can schedule that with the Windows Task Manager to create backups on a predetermined schedule.

The source code is included in the download.

The code is well commented, and the “hacky” areas where I’ve taken shortcuts are explained if anyone feels like “doing it right”. e.g. Some verifications could be done in a more robust way and the file copying could be done directly to a stream to zip up.

The program uses the DotZip library (Ionic.Zip.dll), so that must be present.




Crypto Wallet Backup Console Version


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Crypto Wallet BackupSomeone asked me for some more features for the Crypto Wallet Backup program, so I’ve got a quick update with some of those.

This download requires the previous version. It’s just a console version that you can use in the Windows Task Scheduler for scheduled backups. It doesn’t do any zipping or encryption though – just the same basic backup as the Crypto Wallet Backup program.


The ZIP file includes the source code and the program.

Just unzip it and put it in the same folder as your GUI version. (Link to that above.)

It’s a console application and takes 1 argument: a file with a list of files to backup (1 per line). That’s the same as the backup-file-list.txt file that the GUI version creates automatically for you. So, if you want, you can copy or rename that file and manually add files.

Here’s a screenshot of the output:


Ignore the “W” characters – they’re the slashes on my system as I’ve got it set to Korean.

So, to use the command line with a file, you’d type something like this:

CryptoWalletBackupConsole.exe file.txt

It reads the file for the list of files that you want to back up, then creates the same kind of folder as the original GUI version of the program, and copies all those files there as a backup for you. The console outputs the names of all the files it backs up.

I’ll try to get more added to it, e.g. zipping the backup, allowing for encryption, etc., as time allows.