Frackin’ Reserve! for Android


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Frackin’ Reserve is now available for Android!

In an effort to try and help educate people about the inevitable mathematical fraud of fractional reserve banking, I’ve released an Android version. It’s 100% free. Pass it around, and let’s END THE FED!

Frackin’ Reserve lets you simulate what happens in the money cycle with fractional reserve banking. It demonstrates how banksters print money out of thin air and how that money very quickly mushrooms into massive quantities of debt.

Make sure to check the articles listed below as they fully explain the fraudulent nature of fractional reserve banking.

“Once a nation parts with the control of its credit, it matters not who makes the laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.” — William Lyon MacKenzie King


You can find Frackin’ Reserve for Android in the Google Play store here:


As with all other versions, I’ve made the full source code is available for free. There are notes in there to help you compile it as it requires some very minor tweaks to compile (you must have a strong name file).

DOWNLOAD: Frackin Reserve Android source code

However, in a massive departure from my norm, I did put Google ads in the version that you download from the Google Play store. (I pretty much never put any kind of advertising in my free software, and am generally not very fond of ads in my own software or web sites.) It takes a lot of time and effort, and I figure that if I want to keep up with some of this activism, I need to try and make some money from it in order to off-set the costs of me spending my time elsewhere trying to make a living. I do hope that people appreciate that I’m not trying to get rich or anything – just trying to pay bills. While I thoroughly enjoy this, it takes away from development time for other things that I need to put food on the table. (If you would like to help support Frackin’ Reserve, please consider having a look at my commercial audio software to help musicians learn new songs – Guitar & Drum Trainer.)


Here are some screenshots on tablets and phones, with both older and newer versions of Android for the phone screenshots. Click to zoom on any of them.


For versions for other platforms and articles on fractional reserve banking, please see below.

Windows: Frackin’ Reserve
Linux and Mac OS X: Frackin’ Reserve
Web Edition: Frackin’ Reserve

You can download the entire package of all device software here (excludes the web version):

ALL PLATFORMS: Frackin’ Reserve

Just extract the file, go into the platform folder, and choose what you are looking for, either the program that you can run, or the source code.


Part 1 – The Mechanics of Fractional Reserve Banking
Part 2 – What is Money?
Part 3 – “How” Fractional Reserve Banking Creates Money and “Why” it is Fraudulent
Part 4 – Run on the Banks? Or Run on the People?
Part 5 – Compound Interest as Invisible Slavery
Part 6 – Summary & Additional Resources

Please remember to rate Frackin’ Reserve and pass it on to friends and family. When enough people discover just how evil fractional reserve banking is, together we can END THE FED and end the control of the money supply by private banksters.



Frackin’ Reserve – Compound Interest as Invisible Slavery (5/6)


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But if you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit. — Josiah Stamp

In Part 1 we looked at the mechanics of fractional reserve banking. In Part 2, we looked at money vs. wealth. Part 3 looked at how and why fractional reserve banking is fraudulent, and illustrated how it is structured like a pyramid scheme. Part 4 looked at 2 basic ways in which the system falls apart, either through a run on the banks, or the banks forcing depressions on the people and then stealing their wealth. Here in Part 5, we look at compound interest and how it is an invisible form of slavery.

Compound Interest Mechanics

In addition to simulating fractional reserve banking, the Frackin’ Reserve program also illustrates simple and compound interest. Simple interest is calculated by setting the interest periods to 1, and the compounded method to "Annually". Setting "Compounded" to any other option shows compounded interest, the formula for which is:

Amount = Principal × ( 1 + ( Rate ÷ Periods ) ) ^ ( Term × Periods )


Amount = the final amount to calculate
Principal = the initial, borrowed principal

Rate = the interest rate as a decimal (not a percentage)
Periods = the number of times to calculate the compounded interest in for the term (e.g. 12 for a term of 1 year when compounding monthly, or 365 if compounding daily)
Term = the total length of time for the loan in years

Interest is an Invention of Satan — Thomas Edison

While Thomas Edison may have pioneered douchebaggery, he was at least smart enough to know just how sinister interest was. And this is another predatory hallmark of fractional reserve banking.

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Frackin’ Reserve Web Edition – A Fractional Reserve Banking Simulator


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Frackin’ Reserve Web Edition is a web port of Frackin’ Reserve, which is a desktop version of Frackin’ Reserve Web Edition. Hopefully that clears things up!

Frackin’ Reserve Web Edition lets you simulate the cycles and processes of fractional reserve banking and compound interest. It’s almost the same as the desktop version, but the range of parameters is more limited and some percentages are used instead of pure numbers. If you encounter limitations that you’d like to explore past, download Frackin’ Reserve here.


  1. Slide the sliders to adjust the parameters.
  2. Check the results in the results boxes.
  3. Try different parameters to see how they affect the money supply, i.e. Go to step 1.

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Frackin’ Reserve! – A Fractional Reserve Banking Simulator


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To help explain what the effects of fractional reserve banking are, and to illustrate just how evil it is, I’ve written a simple program that lets you simulate fractional reserve banking and the effects of compound interest.

The “Frackin’ Reserve!” program simulates what happens in fractional reserve banking, and lets you change the parameters for it. What this lets you do is simulate fractional reserve banking from a variety of perspectives, and see the results in real time. It also lets you generate a report so you can view all the generated output in a linear time series of the iterations through fractional reserve banking. That was probably a mouthful, and may have sounded like so much balderdash to some people. But it will all become clearer later on, and in particular when I post a follow-up article about fractional reserve banking.

The 10 Second Summary

Download and run the program to play with the factors that make up fractional reserve banking. Change them to see what happens. As a bonus, you can also see how interest works.
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