PAL Requirements

Some items, e.g. rifles, shotguns, and ammunition, require a valid PAL or RPAL in order to purchase them. You must submit your PAL/RPAL information for us to validate with the RCMP, no exceptions.

Items that require a PAL will only be shipped to the address on the PAL. No exceptions.

You must use the email address that is associated with your PAL and registered with the RCMP, no exceptions.

We may keep your PAL information for up to 3 months (along with the validation we receive from the RCMP when checking your PAL), after which it will be destroyed. However, this is extremely unlikely and we will more likely destroy your PAL information after validation with the RCMP.

Our intent is to only keep PAL information as long as is required by law and to destroy it at the first legal opportunity.

* This policy is subject to change. We’re going to be reading the law (again) very carefully and then updating this policy.