Slayer Cancels at Soundwave


Posted by Cynic | Posted in Australia, Music | Posted on 01-03-2011

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Poor bastard announces Slayer cancels in SydneyWell, I ended up driving 2,024 km to see Slayer in concert at Soundwave in Sydney. They canceled. Tom was sick and taken to the hospital. Sigh… Oh well. I hope that I have a chance to see them some other time.

The picture there is the poor bastard that had to announce that Tom was taken to the hospital. Man… That had to suck for him.

As you can imagine, the crowd was pretty pissed. People came from pretty far away to see Slayer, like me, and they were horribly disappointed. Below you can see lots of garbage being thrown at the stage.

Slayer fans throw garbage at stage in Sydney

I really only wanted to see Slayer, so it was a big letdown. I’m thinking about seeing if I can get a ticket to see them here in Melbourne. We’ll see.