Julia Gillard is a Homophobic… -NSFW-


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Pink Triangle So I’m driving down the road today and listening to the Australian Parliament on the radio. And there’s a question for Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister.

Will Australia issue single, non-married adults outside of Australia a letter of non-impediment to marriage?

To which she gives a resounding NO. She flat out says that gays can’t get married here, and Australia won’t allow them to get married outside of Australia. WTF?

An independent MP, Andrew Wilkie, called it “petty and mean-spirited.” ¬†(Reference:¬†Marriage ban is “petty & mean,” MP tells Gillard)

Well… That’s a fucking understatement! Petty? Mean-spirited? Jesus… It’s fucking de-humanizing.

It’s just simply so very WRONG on so many levels.

First, if marriage is a religious institution, then what business is it of the state to interfere in religion?

If the government wants to be in the business of registering civil unions, then fine. But that still makes the Assie wankers in Canberra a bunch of homophobic douche bags.

Second, if someone is outside of a sovereign state and in another sovereign state, they should be bound by the laws of the state they are physically located in.

Trying to export laws from a sovereign state is simply unacceptable. It is not the business of the state to dictate what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes.

And what business is it of the Australian government WHO an Australian gets married to outside of Australia? How does that become any of their concern or business? They can certainly be the bigoted assholes they are and not recognize the marriage, but to prevent it in the first place?

Petty and mean-spirited is the nicest way to put what happens in Canberra.

Let’s try this on for size… How about we all run around Australia and start killing all the fags! Yeah. That’s good. Heck, it’s a crime in Uganda, and the penalty is death, so why not shoot a dyke in the name of justice?

That’s idiotic! But Australia wants to do the same thing: Export laws abroad.

I’m not gay, but I have a vested interest – when a government feels justified in oppressing its people, we all lose.

Julia Gillard is a disgraceful human being. She makes me sick.

She’s the kind of person that I can imagine Diogenes of Sinope spitting in her face and saying he couldn’t find a worse place. It would be true.

Keep in mind that Australians were hunting Aborigines like animals less than 50 years ago.  Australia has a long and rich history of bigotry and oppression. Julia Gillard only adds to that.

Disgusted in Melbourne,

Ryan Smyth