US Marshals Service Selling 50,000 Stolen Bitcoins


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The US Marshals Service is auctioning off 50,000 stolen bitcoin that they looted from Ross Ulbricht.

US Marshals Service Selling 50,000 Stolen Bitcoins

US Marshals Service Selling 50,000 Stolen Bitcoins

Here’s a screenshot of the web page where they’re looking for people to sell their stolen property.

Criminality out in the open

Criminality out in the open

No convictions in yet, but still, they’re flogging off what they’ve stolen.

For those interested in what “steal” means:

What is stealing?

What is stealing?

What the US Marshals Service has done meets the definition of (for the transitive verb) #1, the intransitive verb’s #1 definition, and the noun form’s #1 definition.

While the web pages does say that Ross has agreed to this, it is very difficult to take that seriously as he is clearly under duress.

In this order, both the United States and Ross William Ulbricht agreed that “the United States, in its sole discretion, may sell any portion or all of these bitcoins, on a date or dates and in a manner to be determined by the Government.”

Yeah. Very believable.

The outright criminality of the FBI and US Marshals Service is mind-numbingly bold. The courts are complicit in the criminality, and too few people are speaking up to hold these thugs accountable for their crimes.


US Marshal Shuts Down for Security Theatre


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So Deputy United States Marshal Criminal Investigator Maxime Vales (or one of his criminal cohorts) violated the TERM & CONDITIONS for the use of this site to view this (now password protected) page:

He then contacted my Canadian hosting provider about it and had them take my site down today. (I’ve since gotten it back up, obviously!)

The post is about an Ars Technica article that falsely claims that this article (.onion link requires TOR) contains death threats against Katherine Bolan Forrest, who is the judge in the “Silk Road” case against Ross Ulbricht. There is no death threat in there. It’s not nice, but it isn’t a death threat either. Ars Technica lied.

For the sake of ease, completeness, and transparency (something that is completely foreign to government), I posted the entire unredacted, uncensored article (it’s not hard to find – more info below). This seems to have pissed off the US Marshals who sent this to my hosting provider:

Please be advised that the personal security of a United States Marshals Service protected person has been threatened by way of dox. United States District Court Judge Katherine Bolan Forrest’s restricted personal identifiable information, in violation of the Court Security Act of 2007 has been made public on the below listed website that is connected to GoDaddy as the sponsoring registrar. I am requesting that this restricted personal information be immediately removed from the website in order to ensure that no further threats to the security of Judge Forrest are carried out. I am also requesting that a representative from the legal department contact me as soon as possible regarding this sensitive matter.

This is nothing more than security theatre and scare-mongering. If anyone were to do anything to that judge, it would already have happened.

The original dox (.onion link requires TOR) link from the wiki site now returns a 404, but the dox archive (.onion link requires TOR) is still up, and the dox can be found here (.onion link requires TOR).

None of these things are difficult to find. Whether or not I publish the information is completely irrelevant to the security of the judge. Like, FFS… Justin Bieber has dox published (.onion link requires TOR), and he’s still alive!!! There are probably a lot more crazies out there that want him dead.


I have made it explicitly clear that nobody in any government position is welcome at That includes US marshals.

Unless Maxime Vales is psychic, I really have no clue how he could possibly abide by the T&C and know what was on that page, or any page at for that matter.


There is no law against publishing publicly available information, which the information at the links above is.

This does nothing to protect the judge at all as I’ve outline above just how simple it is to find the information. A blog dedicated to technology, voluntaryism, and personal points of interest that has near zero readership except for a few popular posts isn’t going to make the smallest impact at all.

This is merely overreach and an attempt to scare me and others from publishing information that the US police state finds inconvenient.

If this can happen to me, it can happen to you. Whether or not you agree with anything I say isn’t particularly relevant. The point to free speech is to tolerate dissenting opinions.


Maxime Vales is really a bit of a douche. Instead of contacting me and asking nicely, he went nuclear to have my site taken down.

But I most certainly would have taken it down had he just asked. Albeit, I would have to charge him a reasonable service fee. I think 144,341 bitcoins plus an additional 29,659 bitcoins as an “administrative fee” would be reasonable. (Ross certainly wouldn’t need to worry about paying for his defense anymore.)


Well, I certainly don’t want armed thugs harassing me for publishing publicly available information, so I’ve password protected the page for the moment. I’m a bit worried that the 8 character, lower case password might be easy to guess. Nah. I’m not worried. I’m sure it’s just fine.

If anyone has any good information, my ears are open.


Now, I know that some people will say that it’s douchey to post dox information. Perhaps it is. But it’s more important to be open, transparent, and complete.

The point of my blog post was to point out blatant lies in the presstitute corporate-whore dinosaur lamestream media. They regular twist facts and often blatantly lie. This was one of those cases.

The issue was about a darkweb wiki post. I posted the entire article along with a link to it. Everything could be verified by checking my own post, and by checking the original.

You see, some of us out here actually believe in free speech (even speech that some people don’t like) and honesty, which we don’t get from the lamestream media.

I’m not interested in shining a flashlight on lies if I can shine a spotlight.





Poison in Alternative Media: The Real News and Reason TV


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The alternative media delivers a far more accurate and better picture about what is going on in the world, but there are times when they have catastrophic failures and present the same talking points that you would expect from the bobble heads on MSNBC. No matter the source, one must always be vigilant to think critically about what is being said and not blindly trust a source simply because they’ve been correct in the past.

I recently saw 2 extreme failures (or perhaps lapses in judgement). One failure led me to abandon a particular source, while another caused me to lose a lot of respect for a journalist who I would otherwise consider near impeccable.


In what can only be considered a bubonic nuclear train wreck, Jaisal Noor of The Real News interviewed Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC is a leftist hate organisation that targets pretty much anyone that isn’t a neo-liberal communist. While they may “get it right” about some organisations, they group together people like Judge Andrew Napolitano and Ron Paul with organisations such as Stormfront.

Jaisal’s interview stopped short of being completely obsequious, but was never-the-less simply pandering to the extreme agenda of the SPLC. Listening to Mark Potok spew his venom and hatred either makes you vomit uncontrollably, or laugh hysterically at his lunacy.

This is that interview:

The lies and deceit out of Mark’s mouth start quick and never stop; he doesn’t waste much time before getting to “racist and anti-semitic”.

But do watch for yourself. If you wonder about any of the points Mark makes, you can easily do a tiny bit of digging to discover that he is lying or twisting the situation.

The comments below the video are filled with people unsubscribing from The Real News.

I got into a mini-discussion on Twitter with Jaisal, condemning his choice to give a platform to a hate group.

Of course the land issue became “HE’S A RACIST”:

your nut job rancher hero is a raging racist

Which should come as no surprise. The left invariably resorts to name-calling as it loses the debate due to a lack of logic, reason, and supporting facts/evidence.

But whether or not someone is or isn’t a racist has no bearing on their property rights. Though you wouldn’t know this if you’d ever heard any of the rhetoric from the left. For the left, it seems that natural rights are contingent upon your agreement with them.

Had Jaisal taken the time to actually look into what Cliven Bundy said, he would be hard pressed to accuse him of being racist. You can find Cliven Bundy’s remarks here:

And here with a full transcript of what he said, which you can compare against the convenient snippets found in the left-wing media:

For the full video, which is over an hour long, check here:

One of the problems with the left is that leftist rarely ever give anything a charitable read. Their goal is to root out anything that could possibly be (mis)construed as other than what it is so that they can exploit it for political purposes. No big surprise there.

But, all the evidence is readily available and out in the open for anyone to verify.


I was pretty shocked to hear Nick Gillespie in this video:

Reason.TV and Nick Gillespie are generally pretty darn good. They’re still pretty statist, but minarchism is a good deal closer to sanity than the authoritarianism preached by the left-wing communists and the right-wing fascists. (Is there a difference between them?)

The article for the video is here:

From the video:

“Racist rants by federal land moocher Cliven Bundy…”

Seriously Nick? Really? At that point I figured that I’d stepped into the twilight zone. I lost a lot of respect for Reason and Nick there.

Speaking about Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling:

They can go fuck themselves.

Apparently Nick got his news about Bundy from Salon and MSNBC.

NOTE: I don’t watch professional sports. I have zero interest in the athletes, coaches, or team owners. I’ve not read anything significant about Donald Sterling or the accusations against him, and have nothing to say on that topic. So, maybe Nick is right about Donald going off and fucking himself. I don’t know.

Nick is way off base in his comments about Cliven Bundy. But aside from Nick accusing Bundy of being racist, perhaps more concerning are his accusation that Bundy is a “moocher” and assertion that the land belongs to the federal government. Nick’s accusation there is eerily reminiscent of what one would expect to hear out of the SPLC, while his assertion is flat-out statist.

The rest of the article is actually quite good. He nails 3 good points with good support and arguments. The “meat” of the article isn’t objectionable – it is his use of racism and Bundy as a “launch pad” for the article that is off-base.


While the first case with The Real News is more akin to a drinking glass full of poison on a generously prepared banquet table, the second case is far more subtle/insidious. Nick slips in a poison pill into what otherwise would have been a wonderful, tall glass of freshly squeezed juice. i.e. Where The Real News had an entire episode full of poison, Reason.TV merely poisoned a portion of the episode.


I won’t be watching any of The Real News anymore. The magnitude of the lack of judgement in giving the SPLC a platform is simply far too much to continue to attribute any credibility to them. i.e. There is no point in watching complete garbage and trying to make sense of it.

On the other hand, I’ll still continue to watch Reason.TV and read Reason. However, I will certainly be much more suspicious about what they report from now on.

Everyone has a lapse of judgement or makes an error every now and then. Expecting otherwise would be foolish.

I suppose the take-away lesson from the above is that even from sources that you would normally trust, it is still best to listen and read with a critical mind and not simply accept what is being presented to you. (This blog post included.)

At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our own beliefs and actions. Very often we are deceived into believing horrible things. But it is not the “being deceived” that is the fault – it is the refusal to see through a deception that is a fault. This requires that we question our beliefs with the same or greater vigilance that we would apply to the messages we receive through others and the media, be that mainstream media or the alternative media.



Foreign Policy’s Power Map


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It is far from rare to see total BS in the media, but the following is a spectacularly skewed list.

For the sake of ease, here’s an Excel file that you can sort to have a deeper and easier look into the FUD:

Foreign policy top 500 powerful people

In there you’ll find all manner of insanity and disinformation. But, then again you only need to look at how they compiled the list:

Is it possible to identify the 500 most powerful individuals on the planet — one in 14 million? That’s what we tried to do with the inaugural FP Power Map, our inventory of the people who control the commanding heights of the industries that run the world, from politics to high finance, media to energy, warfare to religion. Think of it as a list of all the most important other lists. Here’s how they stack up — and why (sorry, declinists!) Americans are still No. 1 in pretty much everything that matters. For now.

Sources and Methods: Where possible, we took a “list of lists” approach, consulting the authoritative rankings for a given industry and substituting judgment where quantitative assessments do not exist. Among our sources: Box Office Mojo Yearly Box Office, by Thomas Brinkoff, Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women, Forbes World’s Most Powerful People, Global Finance World’s 50 Biggest Banks, Fortune Global 500, Global Journal Top 100 NGOs, Institute of Media and Communications Policy International Media Corporations, Pensions & Investments/Towers Watson World 500, PFC Energy 50, SIPRI Military Expenditure Database and SIPRI Top 100 companies, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute Fund Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Thomson Reuters, Vanity Fair New Establishment List, Wall Street Journal MarketWatch World’s Largest Mutual Funds.

So, we’re relying on sources like banks? Really? Well, by some measures, that would certainly be correct. After all, who owns the world governments? (Hint: It isn’t the people.) But look at how they categorise people and just think about it for a few moments…

Here are a few highlights…


Of the 38 intelligent people in the world, 27 are from the US of A. Notably, the 1 nuclear scientist on the list isn’t intelligent… He’s just “evil”.

Interestingly, the “brains” list is dominated by CEOs, corporate presidents, chairpersons, company founders, etc. etc.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This is what they call brains? If you ever needed a reason to believe in the doom & gloom that so many predict, this is it. Money = Brains.

And then somehow Barack Obama manages to get into the “brains” category. WTF!?! Well, if you think it’s smart to continue endless wars against abstract nouns and phantoms, then perhaps.

Britain 4
China 1
Japan 4
Russia 1
South Korea 1
USA 27

It’s simply stunning that “brain power” is dominated the way it is in the list. Stever Ballmer? Really? These are the most powerful brains on the planet?


As you might expect, the only opinions in the world that matter are from the US of A. Of the 79 people whose voices matter, 35 are from the US.

As you might expect, executives from many media organisations make the cut here, as do many politicians and several religious leaders.

– (Dali Lama) 1
Argentina 1
Brazil 1
Britain 6
Burma 1
Canada 3
China 3
Egypt 2
France 3
Germany 3
India 2
Israel 3
Japan 3
Mexico 1
Nigeria 1
Qatar 2
Russia 1
Saudi Arabia 1
South Korea 1
Sweden 1
Turkey 3
USA 35
Vatican City 1


Of the 78 people who wield a great deal of force in the world, it would be irresponsible to list the US with a monopoly there. After all, who would you have to blame as an enemy for your next war?

Speaking of, the Orwellian named “Defense minister/secretary” takes 16 spots there.

Now… ready to crap your pants? Private citizens also make the list. Yep. Not politicians. Those include executives from Raytheon, BAE Systems, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics. Those are 5 of the most dangerous people on the planet according to Foreign Policy.

The rest of the list is mostly rounded out by other military and intelligence service chiefs.

Afghanistan 1
Australia 3
Brazil 2
Britain 5
Canada 3
China 5
Colombia 1
Denmark 1
Egypt 1
France 4
Germany 3
India 3
Indonesia 1
Iran 3
Israel 3
Japan 2
Jordan 1
Lebanon 1
Mexico 1
Netherlands 1
North Korea 1
Pakistan 2
Russia 6
Saudi Arabia 2
South Africa 1
South Korea 3
Spain 1
Turkey 2
USA 12
West Bank 1


Of the 40 forces of good in the world, over half come from the US. Perhaps strangely, while the Dali Lama managed to nag a “Bully Pulpit” position, he didn’t manage to get credit for being a force for good in the world.

Bangladesh 1
Britain 3
China 1
France 2
Gambia 1
Germany 1
India 2
Japan 1
New Zealand 1
Portugal 1
South Africa 2
South Korea 1
Switzerland 1
USA 22

Somehow Ban Ki-moon managed to make the list. Really? The fellow who heads up the UN? The UN is one of the most corrupt, evil organizations on the planet. If you don’t think so, you really need to have a deeper look into what the UN actually does, because you are woefully ignorant about the UN. Look up Agenda 21 and understand the implications of it. (Hint: If they get their way, you’ll be living in a shoebox with a prescribed diet that includes <0.01% of the vitamin D your body needs (I’m being generous there).

Even more Orwellian, the president of the World Bank manages to get on the “good” list. Seriously? It gets worse… Christine Lagarde, IMF managing director, is on the “good” list. But then again, so do Bill & Melinda Gates…


Well, you can expect all the usual suspect on the “evil” list. No real surprises if you swallow the MSM “us vs. them” BS. Well, a few surprises, like Obama not making the list…

Afghanistan 2
Algeria 1
Egypt 1
Iran 3
Iraq 1
Lebanon 1
Mexico 3
North Korea 1
Pakistan 1
Russia 1
Sudan 1
Syria 1
West Bank 1
Yemen 1


Money is what makes the banksters stick their hands down their pants, but they’re not alone. Of the 216 names on the list, the US gobbled up a full third.

Argentina 1
Australia 2
Austria 1
Brazil 4
Britain 9
Canada 3
China 16
Colombia 1
Finland 1
France 13
Germany 12
Hong Kong 6
India 3
Indonesia 1
Iran 1
Italy 6
Japan 12
Kuwait 1
Mexico 5
Netherlands 2
Nigeria 1
Norway 3
Qatar 1
Russia 14
Saudi Arabia 6
Singapore 2
South Africa 3
South Korea 2
Spain 2
Sweden 1
Switzerland 2
Taiwan 1
Thailand 1
Turkey 1
USA 73
Ukraine 1
Venezuela 1


And, then we have the politics…  That was a far more diverse list with 118 names on it, but 62 countries represented with the US only taking 16 spots.

Afghanistan 1
Algeria 1
Argentina 3
Australia 3
Belgium 1
Brazil 5
Britain 6
Burma 2
Canada 3
China 9
Egypt 2
Ethiopia 1
France 5
Germany 4
India 6
Indonesia 4
Israel 1
Italy 2
Japan 7
Lebanon 1
Mexico 5
Nigeria 1
Pakistan 1
Philippines 1
Poland 2
Portugal 1
Qatar 1
Russia 4
Saudi Arabia 3
South Africa 2
South Korea 4
Sweden 1
Turkey 4
USA 16
Vietnam 1
West Bank 1

I’ve gone over just a few points, but you can filter through the list with the Excel file and have a look at just who Foreign Policy says are the top 500 most powerful people in the world.

But it should be pretty obvious that Foreign Policy is touting banksters, corrupt politicians, corporatists, and war mongers as the “top 500” kinds of people that we should all aspire to be. Sickening.

Is Barack Obama one of the most powerful? Certainly. But he, along with most of the other people on the list, should also be labeled as a force of evil on the planet.

Dear Mr. Paul Krugman, About Bitcoin…


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Dear Mr. Paul Krugman,

I read your recent piece about Adam Smith and bitcoin.

Once again, it seems all roads in economics come down to the roads.

Perhaps, Mr. Krugman, you can explain how without roads, goods and services can be delivered to people efficiently?

It appears that you agree with Adam Smith, and that you two might agree with some other similar arguments. For example, when it comes to corn, as Smith uses, we might take it that wealthy land owners with large estates aren’t putting their land to the best use. For that matter, how much space does anyone need? Perhaps it would be better to bulldoze all the estates, and the suburbs? By moving people into small cubicles, we can free up land for more productive uses, like GMO corn from Monsanto. Because as we all know, if it isn’t patentable, it’s not worth anything. Why not maximize profits for all we can?

Silver and gold as currency? Surely jewelry has no value. Keeping silver & gold as a currency can’t serve any purpose, can it? Neither is silver used in any industrial applications? It must not play any part in electronics, because Adam Smith told us that silver isn’t valuable, and since he’s dead, he must be right.

No, Mr. Krugman. You are just another symptom of the problem. You perpetuate outright lies. Well, if you believe them, then they’re not lies, but I’d bet that you’re not a complete and total moron.

Silver and gold have many real world applications. Please try to educate yourself and find out about the industrial applications of silver and the worldwide silver production capacity.

When it comes to Bitcoin, Mr. Krugman, perhaps you would do well to understand what cryptography is, what its applications are, and try to understand how cryptographic analysis of numbers and verifications of transactions creates a currency that is based in mathematics (cryptography) that cannot be debased like how the USD and the JPY are being raped by central banks at the moment.

You make a fool of yourself when you open your mouth with such utterly incompetent and ignorant drivel. Or rather, you appear to be a fool to people who understand the issues. Would I be wrong to guess that doesn’t include the readership of the New York Times? Because otherwise, I’d bet that you’d have kept your mouth shut.



Frackin’ Reserve! – A Fractional Reserve Banking Simulator


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To help explain what the effects of fractional reserve banking are, and to illustrate just how evil it is, I’ve written a simple program that lets you simulate fractional reserve banking and the effects of compound interest.

The “Frackin’ Reserve!” program simulates what happens in fractional reserve banking, and lets you change the parameters for it. What this lets you do is simulate fractional reserve banking from a variety of perspectives, and see the results in real time. It also lets you generate a report so you can view all the generated output in a linear time series of the iterations through fractional reserve banking. That was probably a mouthful, and may have sounded like so much balderdash to some people. But it will all become clearer later on, and in particular when I post a follow-up article about fractional reserve banking.

The 10 Second Summary

Download and run the program to play with the factors that make up fractional reserve banking. Change them to see what happens. As a bonus, you can also see how interest works.
Read the rest of this entry »

SOPA & PIPA are Anti-Free Speech


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Free Speech Crosshairs - SOPA - PIPALet’s get things straight. SOPA and PIPA are NOT about piracy. They are against suppressing free speech. They are tools for a totalitarian/authoritarian government to silence opposition. They are anything but what the mainstream is trying to push them as.

There are plenty of laws already in effect that target copyright infringement. So they are obviously not creating laws that are already in effect. Why would you have 2 laws that say the same thing?

No. SOPA and PIPA are new. They introduce extremely vague language that would effectively allow the government to snipe sites that express dissent.

This isn’t rocket science. These people aren’t totally incompetent. They are smart enough to come up with trojan horse legislation like this and they shouldn’t be underestimated.

Don’t oppose SOPA and PIPA just because you think that they will protect you from piracy. Oppose them because they will be used to silence dissent. Oppose them because they are the tools of dictators and fascists. Oppose them because you believe in freedom. Oppose them because you believe in free thought and freedom of expression. Oppose them because you have a conscience.

I make my living off of intellectual property like copyright. These bills are not there to protect me. These bills are there to silence me and people like me that don’t tow the party line.

Also, please make certain to vote against anyone running for office that has ever supported these bills. SOPA and PIPA are merely symptoms of the disease. The real disease are the people that introduced the bill, the people that supported the bill, and the system that allowed all of this to happen. Vote for people that are willing to stand up for principles and do what is right. Vote for people that have a conscience. Vote for people that believe in freedom. Vote for people that will fight for freedom.




1 Reason to Hate the Web


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Maybe 10 reasons would sound sexier, but I’ve just got 1 today.

Stupidly high memory usage.

That’s it. Just that. Here’s an example:


1 reason why the web sucks

All the highest memory consuming programs, are web pages… Opera has 60 tabs, but the other Chrome instances are single pages, as is the 1 tab in Firefox. Skype has a truckload of LONG conversations open (with 6 months of conversations opened in some), and 13 windows of it! And that takes less than 1 web page…

712,240 KB for 1 web page? Who thought that was a good idea?

As for any other reasons to hate the web, are any others needed?

The web is quick and easy. It’s the sloppy way to do things. Browsers are poor platforms to get things done. They simply don’t compare with applications that get things done in a “let’s not hog all the resources on the computer” way.

It’s not just the fault of the browsers though. Web developers suffer from some combination of 1 or more of these problems:

  • Being completely and totally mentally retarded
  • Being subservient to a project manager that is completely and totally mentally retarded
  • Being subservient to a project manager that is subservient to budgetary requirements that are completely and totally mentally retarded

Take your pick.

The problems manifest themselves in the most insane ways. For example, if you have gobs of memory available, but a simple news article web page won’t scroll down without a second long lag per mouse-wheel click, would you think that there’s a problem there? Perhaps it’s the 738 trillion ads, scripts, and Flash animations on the page?

The web could be so much better. Ditching JavaScript for a decent OO language would be a good start. The procedural nature of JavaScript makes it incredibly difficult to handle in complex systems because the JavaScript needs to be injected at the correct point in the document, and that isn’t necessarily at the same point where the script is going to run. But I digress.

Memory hogging web pages from Hell. I hate them. They suck. Badly. These are not the droids you are looking for…