Drugged-Out Craziness from MOM!


Posted by Cynic | Posted in Alcohol | Posted on 28-03-2011

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Sometimes my mom sends me the wackiest, coolest stuff! I can’t help but share this here. It’s just over-the-top nutty!

Pure, drugged-out, happiness~! Hahahahaha~!

  • Mom

    Hey, this is proof that there really was a day where it was actually legal to get stoned! If fact, if I can remember correctly, 40 years ago when a certain little baby boy whom will remain unnamed was born, the “Gripe Water” that we gave to him for cholic was largely alcohol. I know—- blame it on mom 🙂

    • Cynic

      Hahahaha~! I had no idea that you were feeding me booze as a baby~! =D